Ignoring Being Ignored

We all get ignored. Some people are able to tolerate it more than others, but personally, it makes me heave. My blood boils a little every time a message is read or a Snapchat is opened without a response, for whoever long. Everyone is different I suppose.

Similarly, we sometimes don’t always get the answers we want. Sometimes we are rejected, hurt, used or even all of the above and then some. People can say things differently to what they actually mean. They can say yes but their head is screaming ‘OH HELL NOOOOOO!’

If a person disagrees with something you are doing or are unwilling to do it themselves then you assume that they actually mean ‘no’. If no protest or ill intent is outlined at the time then who are you to doubt them? Who are you to make objections? But sadly we live in a time where people try to please a little too much, or perhaps they have their own agenda. We can think the best of people when we very much shouldn’t, they could betray your trust in every way imaginable and bend you over backwards just for their own amusement. Always remember that being kind and honest is not something you should lose just because of the way that someone else behaves. You are better. Be better than them.

As people, we can be suspicious, rude and hypocritical. We can suspect that the person who makes too many excuses or stumbles a little on the same story could be covering up some ill actions or something equally as suspicious as to their behaviour. It is far better to admit a ‘thing’ instead of lying and conjuring up an excuse that just plucks the tread of another monumental web of lies.

Don’t ‘kill people with your kindness’ because not everyone deserves the courtesy of your time, affections or general efforts. Sometimes it is better to ‘kill people’ with silence. Silence is also an answer too. Silence can create thoughts and feelings instead of providing an answer, arguably making it the most brutal kind of closure. Become a ghost that will haunt them for a while, maybe then and only then, may they be able to consider the severity of the hurt they have caused you.

The human brain is an amazing thing, but sometimes without prompting in the saddest of our days, we are our own worst enemies. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to those you love. Be kind to your noggin.

Better a ‘hell no’ than no answer at all.

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