My Favourite Get Away Places

I have a habit of getting away whenever I can. More recently I only run away from my house not my responsibilities but that’s beside the point. I love where I live, both in Suffolk and in Leicester, but I was always a tree climber – I needed to explore everything I could in every possible way, so I am always the first to yell ‘ROADTRIP!’. Here are some of my favourite getaway places in the UK.

1. The Peak District- from Chatsworth House to the numerous sheep to the coffee shops, The Peak District is stunning in every way. I have spent a majority of my childhood in National Trusts or on horseback so I have always found solace in the country, especially when it’s that beautiful!

2. New Forest – Horses everywhere. Pretty things close enough to eat, fondle or wear, not necessarily in that order though. I am fortunate enough to have family that live both near places 2 and 3, so I have had many-a-trip to both locations. It is somewhere you have to visit at least once in your lifetime.

3. The Isle of Wight – whether you want to be like Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music or Belle in the great wide somewhere, the Isle of Wight seems to cater to everything. I have had lazy weekends, busy weeks and a relaxed day or two. One of the very few places I have ever visited that feels like a home away from home.

4. Edinburgh – who doesn’t love a castle? There’s something about hills, old townhouses and rain that I find incredibly comforting so therefore Edinburgh holds a special place in my heart for that very reason. Whilst being the epitome of the British weather stereotype, there is very few places like it. Although beware if you have weak ankles, the cobbles are enough to simulate a very good night out in a couple of yards.

So very thankful to have been to so many beautiful places with equally beautiful people. Sometimes the only escape we need is to get away from the thoughts that make you feel trapped inside. Deep huh?

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