My Favourite Films Of 2018 So Far

2018 has given us some pretty amazing media so far – whether that be music, theatre or film in its varieties. One of my favourite things to do with my family is going to the theatre or the cinema – my Dad introduced me to Star Trek, Star Wars and the Marvel-DC universe when I was around 5, which was a catalyst for my adoration of the pop culture that surrounds us all today. In light of this, here is a list of the films I saw this year that made my happy-spidey senses tingle.


1. The Greatest Showman – What can I not say about this film? The Greatest Showman encompasses the meaning of family and equality outside of social boundaries, race and gender. The acting is beautiful, the choreography even more so – I would pay good money to have Hugh Jackman fling me around a roof any day. “This Is Me” and “A Million Dreams” resonate strongly with each individual – we all have dreams that we long to fulfil and insecurities that put us apart. This film has been added to my list of top musicals, ever made in the universe.

2.Black Panther – We all love a Marvel film, but Black Panther was arguably one of the most anticipated films of 2018, period. The culture was stunning in its essence and simply cannot be argued differently. When encompassed with the elements of futuristic technology, the film becomes somewhat relatable as our phones are never far away. Again, an undeniable sense of family and tradition makes the story as equally sorrowful as it is beautiful at its saddest moments. You did it again Stan.

3. Ready Player One – Pop culture is undeniably one of the most stunning parts of the 21st century – mods are back and here to stay, whilst shabby is the new chic and old is the new “in”. Ready Player One emits nostalgia like greenhouse gases and the visual effects give Van Gogh a run for his money. The story in itself, although simple, is very powerful – showing the impacts of technology on the generations to come and how reality is the only thing we know to be real. True love and friendship conquer all, that in itself deserves a High Five.

4. A Quiet Place – Scary movies have bred a shiny new multitude of fears – IT brought us clowns of unimaginable evil and Final Destination brought a fear of everyday life. A Quiet Place is silent in sound but not in speech, the film in itself advocates for the deaf and hearing impaired as well as illuminating the importance of love, trust and faith within a family.

5. Love, Simon – Love is one of the purest things in this world that humans have to give to one another. Whether you are gay, straight, trans or any part of the LGTB+ community, it cannot be denied that every person will be touched by the emotions that this film spits to the audience – each actor is unique and relatable to every watcher, as we all know the internal struggles of listening to your heart and wanting to fit in simultaneously. Love, Simon shows the importance of friendship, understanding and how love really can set you free.

Films, fiction, television and creativity as a whole is a blessing to the world and all its occupants. Books, sketches, drawings, ramblings or whatever form it may come in is something we should grab and hold very close to our hearts.

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