Sponges and Stones

A couple of months into the new year I am already having “revelations”.

This year will be different. This year there will be no more excuses. No more empty words will be spoken from the mouths of those I trusted. No more heartfelt things will be dusted over the heads of those not willing to hear them. I will not be venomous or cruel towards people who do not deserve my attention. There will be no more grudges held. No more promises that were lacklustre from the get-go. I will balance my own life better. No more tipping of the scales. I will not want things, I will sprint after them until I hold them in front of me.

2018 is about me and my happiness. It is about doing what I want to do and being who I want to be. It is about being settled, about being true and mentally stable for the first time in my short life.

People have good and bad in their lives, some make it a competition and some make it up as they go along. We cannot control what life throws at us every day, but we can control how we choose to handle ourselves when the time comes to act. My request to myself is to handle it better, be better, be bold, be happy, be silly, be stupid.

I am no longer someone who can be squeezed like a sponge, I am the stone that you cannot get blood from.

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